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UNLEASH YOUR EDGE! This program is designed to help women entrepreneurs explore their edge, the place women feel comfortable taking bigger risks to achieve more than they could ever imagine.

What does success look like for you?

Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Edge!

Have you started a business and could use a little inspiration to take it to the next level? Or maybe you have an idea ready and need support to take the steps to make it happen?

Do you want be clear on your purpose, committed to your goals and confident in your vision? Then The Inner Edge is for you!

The Inner Edge is an experiential training program focused on helping you create a new definition of what success looks like for you. Our unique approach takes you to the ‘the edge’, the place where you feel comfortable taking bigger risks to achieve more than you could ever imagine.

The Inner Edge is offered over two days. In the program, you will uncover the way you view yourselves in relationship to others and the world, rediscover your personal strengths and talents and reprogram your internal dialogue for greater focus, energy, effectiveness.

In The Inner Edge you will:

- Accelerate your business performance

- Build capacity and achieve greater success

- Develop a deeper understanding of what motivates and stops you

- Uncover your strengths and areas of opportunity

- Learn how to create strategic partnerships to grow your business

- Discover new insights about yourself and your business and put them directly into action

The Inner Edge will help you accelerate your business performance, build capacity and achieve greater success. Sign up for this powerful program today!

The Inner Edge Schedule:
Saturday: 10am - 8pm
Sunday: 10am - 6pm.

About the Program

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  • Improve your communication and listening skills
  • Create new behaviors and experience difference results
  • Identify and build strategic partnerships
  • Build extraordinary relationships
  • Support your career and business growth

The Inner Edge