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GSA programs are for entrepreneurs who are just launching their business, those looking to grow in their early years or for established entrepreneurs looking for a change of direction.

Growthsource Academy would not be possible without the generous donation of time and expertise by our professional contributors. Executive coaches and mentors support and coach our entrepreneurs over the course of our leadership program. Our speakers provide valuable information and insights. 

We would like to thank all of our contributors for their support! 

"Surrounding yourself with this group of female powerhouses will do more for you and your business than you can ever imagine. The coaching, mentorship and overall support have taken my company to all new levels. Take the leap - you won't regret it!"

Elyissia Chinchilla, Chick-in-Charge

2 Chicks with Chocolate

In 2014 Marianne Halvorsen, a native of Norway, founded GSA in New York City.

As a successful risk manager and insurance broker in New York City, Marianne had strived her entire career to overcome the “Law of Jante”. A common belief in Scandinavian countries, the "Law of Jante" states you should not think you are someone special. In New York, Marianne found communities with powerful women who provided her guidance. She discovered a new sense of worth and confidence that she wanted to share with other women.

Marianne created Growthsource Academy as a platform to provide professional women with a powerful source of growth so they can break through their limiting beliefs and find success.

Growthsource Academy is passionate about supporting women in developing their leadership and expanding their opportunities in business. Our programs are for women entrepreneurs who want to grow their small business and women who want to take their careers to the next level.

Our short format program, The Inner Edge, is focused on the mindset women need to be successful in business.   

Our 90-day leadership program, The Leading Edge, provides women with coaches and mentors that support their business growth.

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About Growthsource Academy

Growthsource Academy (GSA) provides knowledge, networking and resources to women entrepreneurs who want to expand their businesses. Our program welcomes women from every walk of life and in different stages of their business development. Through a series of workshops, short and long format programs, GSA provides education, networking and expert advice to support women making a difference in their business and their communities.